Latest Book—Third in Series:

The Assassin's KeyThe Assassin's Key

At fourteen, Gillis McCabe has a contentious argument with his father and angrily leaves his home, vanishing into the city. Years later, through hard work and innovative decisions he rises to become one of the wealthiest businessmen in Virginia. Feeling an urge to mend the relationship with his father, he decides to make the journey back to his childhood home. What he discovers shocks him, his father's estate is in shambles and the entire staff has been massacred. The mystery deepens when he finds Letty, the slave that raised him, and she gives him a strange medallion just as she dies. Gillis surveys the estate and realizes the only thing missing is his father, Scully McCabe. Tensions between the North and South are at a boiling point. The residents of the nation's capital are on edge as the city's murder rate soars. Searching for his father, Gillis quickly finds himself drawn into a downward spiral of death, torture and kidnapping at the hands of a mysterious group of brutal assassins. Gillis McCabe, will face the greatest challenge of his young life as he tries to locate his father and stop a plot that could change the course of history.


Second in Series:

Vanishing RavenVanishing Raven

It's 1867 in the Wyoming Territory, Chance Creager and his brothers have built their small, isolated ranch in the uninhabited valley near the Greybull River. While hunting, Chance stumbles upon a decaying wagon sunk in mud, near it the grisly remains of an Indian sacrifice. Nothing about the eerie scene makes sense. The mountains have secrets. Chance finds himself pulled deeper into the mystery when he finds a beautiful fugitive named Raven while hunting a deadly mountain lion. Raven brings with her a violent past that only got worse when the wagon train she joined vanishes. Together Raven and Chance will be forced to use every ounce of their cunning and ingenuity just to stay alive.

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First in Series:

Whispers of The GreybullWhispers of The Greybull

A gripping story of a missing fortune, rumors of a lost gold mine, and individual courage set on a massive, isolated, ranch in post-depression Wyoming. Cole Morgan is tested by tough men, rogue animals, and the worst nature can muster trying to solve a mystery that has plagued The Greybull Ranch for seventy-years.

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