Stephen B. Smart

About the Western Cartoonist About the Western Cartoonist

One of the hobbies Steve is best known for is cartooning. His numerous works have been featured in Spokane's Spokesman Review newspaper, two United Way campaigns, and numerous other free lance works. He is currently working on a cartoon strip that he hopes to publish in the next couple of years.

Crap. . . . It's Monday Again.
I could sure use a little Luv'n.
I call her my designated driver.
Fishing, city slicker style.
George, I just can't believe how good looking our kids are.
Boogie.. Turkey.
Boogie.. Turkey.

Many of drawings Steve does fall under the classification of napkin art. Every morning when he gets his Latte at Smart Gardens Coffee Shop he takes a couple of minutes to create a cartoon on a napkin. You can follow his collection on Facebook.

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