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Testimonials - Whispers of The Greybull Reviews

This was a well written, vivid book that draws you in as a reader and allows you to have the opportunity to explore and have similar adventures as the main characters are. You are not just reading about the experience, you truly like you are there, which is a great experience! With mystery, adventure and suspense you get a little bit of everything within this book which is part of its allure! I highly recommend all to read this as you will find that it is well worth your time!

- Christopher Lewis, Dad of Divas Review

Since I'm not a reader, I purchased the audio book and found it not only very interesting, but an excellent storyline as well. Both my wife and I are looking forward to Mr. Smart's next book.

- Ed Mattfield

...very well written and [he] paints a wonderful picture.

- Tracie Hogeboom, Avid Reader

...the words and the descriptions actually jumped off the page at me...I was reading a book but it felt like watching a movie.

- Wild Bill Snyder, Retired Business Owner

Whispers of The Greybull defies categorization. From suspense and intrigue, to romance and cowboy charisma, Whispers will capture the imagination of all readers.

- Rock Ray, Former McDonald's Franchise Owner

It was a great attention grabber to the point where you can't put it down.

- Tony Wilson, Big R General Manager

Whispers of The Greybull is as well written and compelling as any novel by the famous Louis L'Amour, or any other western wordsmiths.

- Bob Graham, Cowboy Poet/North Idaho Mule Club

I purchased your book, Whispers of The Greybull, at the 2012 Spokane Big Horn Show. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it and my husband did also. I am an avid reader so read a lot of books and would put your book "High" on my list to recommend to others. Hopefully in the near future you will release another book just as good.

- Pleased Book Reader, Maxine Mason

I recently had the opportunity to review a book written by an author from the Northwest. Stephen B. Smart from Spokane is the author of Whispers of The Greybull. Without giving the plot away I can tell you that this is an excellent book that will appeal to anyone who enjoys a book with a western theme. If you like Louis Lamour stories or any of the Lonesome Dove series, you will enjoy this book. It is set in Wyoming in the 1800's and once started, you will not want to put it down.

– Melvin Larsen, Valley Bugler Newspaper – Longview, WA

It reminded me of all the great books and stories we read as kids - Wild Bill Hickok, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, etc. It takes the reader back in time and reminds us of how tough people used to be - just to survive, let alone succeed. For me any time a book or movie touches several of my emotions, I become engrossed in it. A love story, a mystery, a thriller - it was all that.

– Gary Marks

Your book did such a great job of not only making me like I was in the Wild West in the 19Th century but tied it into the next generation of the West in the early/middle 20th century. Good Guys, Bad Guys, Money, Power, greed, lust, love, the power of nature; your book had it all ;I couldn't put it down. Hope you keep writing.

– Rick Sorenson

I met you at the convention where you gave me your card. I just finished and really enjoyed it. Great story and mystery. Thank you for the great read.

– Connie LaMont

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Wow.... I really liked how you put some of your past WSU education and your interests with outdoors and packing, mules etc. into the book. Great characters and I was impressed with your tasteful sizzle with Cole and Julie - definitely kept me interested and curious.

– Dave Murphy

I have not read a Western Novel since high school and now know what I have been missing. It was so refreshing to have a story about the West and real men and women--no vampires, ax murders, or Stephen King weirdness. I did enjoy your book a lot. The [Audio Book] reader was good and had good voice inflections and character voices. The theme was great- I want to buy a mule after reading about how great they can be---just kidding, but I did really like Patch. The story moved along nicely. You do a nice job painting pictures in the reader's mind with words. Whispers had it all, a nice lead in that later was explained, romance without being R-rated, suspense, a few bad guys, and a good guy that is a Coug! What more can a person want?

– Doug Janachek, WSU '71, President WSU Alumni Association Kitsap County Chapter

This book was recommended as a good read. WOW! That was an understatement. It keeps you gripping your seat as Stephen weaves his tale of adventure, overcoming adversity, and the ways of nature. I felt i was on this adventure with him. I could almost see the beauty and smell the items he describes. Don\'t miss this one! Worth every penny!

- Mary

Well, I picked up Whispers of The Greybull the other evening after dinner, fully intending to get in at least a couple of chapters. When I looked at the clock, it was after 1:00AM and I had to force myself to close the book and go to sleep. Needless to say, I enjoyed finishing the book the following evening. Anyone who enjoys the writings of Louis LaMour or Larry McMurtry, anyone who enjoys a good western, a good mystery, or a good romance would enjoy the book. It has all the ingredients one could ask for in a western-themed book. I especially enjoyed the way that you presented the romantic encounters between the characters without turning it into a 'Longarm' western. I am looking forward to your next work as it has been my experience that authors improved with just about everything they have published. Whispers of The Greybull would make one hell of a movie, if it were done correctly.

- Melvin L. Larson

I never knew I was a fan of the cowboy genre until I read [Whispers of The] 'Greybull'. I love the mystery and the romance and I particularly appreciate Mr. Smart's eye for detail. I felt like I was a part of the adventure! I can't wait to see where his next book will take me!

- Wendy Start

Steve wrote a very very great book. His writing is so real that one can see it in their mind as you read this book. I hope that a movie is made of it and I know it will be a big hit. Please tell your friends and buy this book for a gift for someone.

- Allen Skimming

I thoroughly enjoyed the story, the descriptions and certainly see room for a sequel. I even Googled the Greybull Ranch in Greybull Wyoming. As you know there's not such an animal but there certainly is opportunity for one. Great book and read...

- Hugh C. Diener

It's easily one of the best books I've ever read. Michener and L'Amour are probably my two favorite authors. It doesn't take any imagination to see either of those writing this book. I look forward to your next. A new fan.

- Jim Wold

Very riveting! Your book has everything from intrigue, heroes, villains, romance, it's all there! Even a mention of WSC. This is a great read and of course the next question is, when is your next book coming out? Thanks for your efforts Steve!

- Bill Kilian

Just finished reading your book and wanted to thank you for writing it. Wish that it never ended and would love to have a sequel.

- Wild Bill Bandi

I want to congratulate you on your fantastic imagination and putting all of that together in "Whispers of the Greybull". I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Typically, I read leisurely on my bus rides to/from work thereby getting an hour or so of reading in each day as I make my way through a book. I couldn't put this one down. I read at lunch and then again after dinner in the evenings and completed the read last Friday evening. Reflecting back on the book I liked how you incorporated surprise, suspense, and connected and re-connected the different characters in different sections as the book progressed. I believe I was born 100 years too late for my personal liking so this era and the cowboy lifestyle fit me well. My only dissatisfaction was that the book had to end. Nice work! Keep me posted on when your next one does come out.

- Steve Schmedding

I liked the pace of it, the development and personalities of the characters, the descriptive narrative of the various locales and settings, the continuous intrigue of the plot, etc. It kept my interest to the point that I found it hard to put down.

- Jerome Burchard

One of those GREAT books that you can't put down. I was raised in Greybull, Wyoming, so all the Big Horn Basin is home. Having hunted southwest of Meeteetse for years, makes you feel like all this happened in your back yard.

– Linda Nelson

Testimonials - Vanishing Raven

I read both of your books that you have out so far, they were both sleep robbers - I could not put them down, if you like Kirby Jonas or Louis L'Amour. Steve's fits right with their best ones.

– Lloyd Warr with Cache Peak Back Country Horseman of Idaho

I was up in the Spokane Big R a couple months ago when I saw your books. Being a local man my interest was peaked. I only picked up one at the time (Vanishing Raven) but now wished I had gotten them both! Was a very good read, I enjoyed it. I cannot wait until the story of Gillis McCabe is finished! I will be searching for your first book next time I come up to town and thank you again, was an awesome story.

– Crystal

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